1980 Olympics… #WTFWednesday How did I miss this? #PaulHunt – Oh yeah, #NadiaComanici and her perfect 10

Paulette Huntinova???  Why don’t I remember you, my dear?   The video is so hilarious and the thing is, I remember “Short People” by Scott Hamilton in 1976.  Ohmigod – 1976? Is it possible that I’m that old.  I don’t feel old but since I have three kids in teens – with the oldest VERY close to… (oh God it’s hard to admit) –  her twenties.  Still, I feel young.  I was suprised when I came across the video from 1980 when I was SO familiar with the 1976 Scott Hamilton video the reason????  Nadia Comanici and her perfect 10.  She was the only thing I remembered from the 80’s Olympics.  Thanks to youtube I can relive my youth (and it really was my youth) and catch up on the good stuff I missed.

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