Ahhh #Nanowrimo I am ready for you this year…

A few months ago one of my authorly friends who is working on an amazing project called “Ink Outside The Box” to give authors ideas to write stories had us try a few and… I was obsessed with my writing prompt.

So, this year I shall write a SciFi story for Nanowrimo as Doyle MacBrayne. If you are a fellow nanowrimo person you can find me, my story title is “Just SciFi, No Sex” because my writing group thought that was humorous.  Yes, the erotic writer is taking a short vacation in order for the other parts of her brain to be activated.  Bummer, eh?

I spent the evening plotting and plodding and I’m really excited…  Seriously!  I’ve even played with cover ideas.  What do you think?

Just SciFi, no sex

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