Audible offers free Days of Noah audiobook giveaway.

I recently recorded The Days of Noah by Virginia Smith. It’s a wonderful story about Noah and his family with an interesting twist. I don’t want to give it away but I enjoyed reading the book and I’m proud to be a part of the audiobook. If you’re interested in receiving a code for a free copy just email me at

Here is her blurb about the story…

Belief in the One God is dangerous in Cainlan, a city founded on the worship of the god Cain. But when the daughter of a pagan priestess meets the son of a religious fanatic she is drawn to Shem’s caring manner and deep faith. Eliana believes his assertion that the One God will wipe the earth clean of the corruption that fills it, especially when she discovers a terrifying secret known only to those high in the government’s ruling council.

Though desperate to escape her destiny, Eliana’s life has been preordained. Not even Shem’s God can rescue her from the fate for which she was born – becoming the next high priestess to Cain.

I think a reviewer on Amazon said it best: The Days of Noah by Virginia Smith is an intriguing and fascinating tale that imagines the time of Noah being an age of advanced technology, in transportation, power, and weaponry. I especially appreciated the parallels with today’s troubling issues of absolute power, corrupting absolutely. The story describes the age-old tragedy of the human situation in which the people who control the power source of society hold oppressive power over the less influential and also control the wealth of the society.
The romantic subplot adds wonderful emotion to the tale as one of Noah’s sons falls in love with a pagan temple priestess whom he desperately desires to rescue from the catastrophic flood which God has told Noah would cleanse the sinfulness of the earth.
The tale is an excellent hybrid of scripture, fantasy, science fiction, and action. Virginia Smith has come into her own as a very gifted writer.

Contact me if you’d like to receive a code for a free copy on audible.

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