Bunny’s in Hell, but with her PR experience, she’ll turn things around!

A kinder, gentler, Satan…

When a dyslexic child writes his Christmas letter to Satan by accident, Bunny, Satan’s new press secretary, decides it’s time for Satan’s PR makeover.

A sweet and steamy paranormal with a good-natured Satan and the woman who makes him want to be a better Devil. Bunny’s sold her soul to save her sister, and discovers that Satan’s Hell includes her – in his bed. There’s sex, silliness, some light domination and submission… because… he’s SATAN, duh!

Satan’s Press Secretary, FREE ON KINDLE UNLIMITED, only 99 cents without.



Admittedly, I thought up this title when I wanted to write a novel about a character similar to Jay Carney, because really, that’s a hell of a job… However, my mind always turns to romance, and happy-ever-afters, so… when my son suggested a dyslexic kid writes a letter to Santa, but it goes to Satan and he still gets all his stuff, well, you know, this practically wrote itself;) Thanks to Becca for collaborating on one of my favorite stories ever. It’s stinkin’ cute, it’s got a HEA, and one of the nicest Satan’s you’ll ever meet.

We’re calling this our Flirty Bits of Fluff series and hope to have another short story out by Thanksgiving, and no, it’s not about Satan and Bunny.

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