Congratulations Goodreads Giveaway Winners!!!

Congratulations to the winners of last week’s Mother’s Day Giveaway. Hopefully the winners will receive their books by the end of next week since I sent the last three out today, Priority Mail.

This week has been an incredibly hectic one for me. My daughter, Sara, who is mentioned in many dedications, has a dance recital this weekend. I have been helping out the studio for a few years as a seamstress and work back stage during the show helping students with quick changes. This is no small production, we sell out of tickets in the college auditorium and there are three shows, over forty numbers, and it’s a four hour show. So, every night this week I have come home reeking of smelly feet and hair spray…

Not exactly romantic, eh? Except that in my real life, my husband has been amazing this week making sure that my son is fed and cared for every night, and kindly helping me as needed, and checking in and texting sweet love texts. In addition to that he let me sleep in this morning and made breakfast and lunch for the kids.
We are coming up on our 23rd wedding anniversary and I have to say that I love him more every day! This is why I can write romance, because I know it’s more than just the initial passion, it’s a promise of passion and caring and understanding every day for the rest of your lives.

I am infinitely in love.

Check back Memorial Day weekend.  I plan on giving away a free short story with a very hot military hero…

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