Flash Fiction Friday – You’ve actually been here before…

You’ve actually been here before, we just made sure you forgot.

She couldn’t shake the feeling of déjà vu. Perhaps it was because this was the sixth first-date in three weeks she’d accepted. The man seated across from her in the booth was bland. She pushed her fork around the plate musing that he was as bland as the food.

“That’s the house specialty,” he said too loudly.

“Mmm,” she looked up and sighed at his excited expression. This wasn’t going to work. She clutched her purse and slid toward the edge of the bench. “I’m sorry.” What was his name? She tried to remember, pulling forth memories of the email messages the dating agency had forwarded. Why was he so funny online but not in person?

She stood up, “Thank you for your time. I don’t think this will work.”

He looked slightly surprised, “Why? I mean, why exactly?”

“I don’t know.” She gave him a tight-lipped smile and turned and left.

He huffed, “Damn, I really thought I had it this time.”

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