FlashFiction Friday –


Suddenly, being the center of his attention seemed like a very dangerous place to be.

It was irony, she decided. She spent fifteen minutes trying to coax him over using hushed tones, flirtatious finger movements and now… now she had his full attention.

And his claws, which made small indentations in her skin sure to start a histamine response momentarily.

He was so cute, and yet so very dangerous to her allergies.


Yeah, yeah, you thought the erotic romance writer was going to do something totally different with this writing prompt. In fact I did, but it’s in an upcoming book, Searching for Jamie. I’ll keep you posted when it’s completed.

The truth is my son rescued this little guy after it was hit by a car. He probably was four weeks when we found him and he’s recovered perfectly. So, happy Friday, happy FlashFiction, and enjoy some adorable kitten photos.


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