#FlashFictionFriday The Temp

He stood, back against the door jamb, just out of her line of sight and waited.  She stuffed her scarf in her bag, changed her heels for flats and smoothed her skirt down her legs before turning toward the elevator.  The doors opened and he moved then, slipping between the doors before they closed.

Her breath faltered, her pulse quickened, and she nodded and then lowered her eyes to the floor.

He growled, loving that simple act of submission.  He stilled his hands from reaching toward her, fisting them behind his back.  “Good evening.  You’ll be back tomorrow.”

Her eyes met his, blinking, a beautiful rose color flushed her cheeks and she stuttered, “I, uh, I, no.”

He smirked, “No?”

“No.” She held his gaze, no submission this time.

He smirked at her defiance, the excitement of breaking her thrilling him.

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