#FlashFictionFriday – Mel meets Mike for the first time.

Rebound Baby, Triplets

#WIP #ReboundBaby3

In the third Rebound Baby book, Melinda Noonan has the worst sex of her life with Mark who informs her that the condom broke and offers to pay for PlanB.  Mel’s not the kind of girl to take PlanB, in fact she really wasn’t the kind of girl to have a one-night stand.  She’s sure that she’s being punished for her impulsive behavior but she’s not the kind of girl to throw herself a pity party, well, an extended pity party.  When Mel finds out she’s having triplets she panics and finds her new boss’s arms very comforting.

Mike Salvatore has worked hard all his life putting every thing he has into his career.  First with the military where he earned the position as a recon specialist for the special forces.  Retired, he started his own security company and put everything he made back into the company.  He wants a family, he wants to find love, but he’s been too busy to even date, and then Mel falls into his lap.  Beautiful, bright, with a dark sense of humor that he appreciates.  She’s perfect, but insecure that any man would want to take her on, and her three babies.  Mike has his work set out for him as his new goal is Mel.

Excerpt from story:

Oh my God, if Melinda’s uterus could stand up and applaud it would.  Michael Salvatore was a god.  Alright, truthfully he probably wasn’t quite at the god status but he definitely had the shoulders of a man who knew how to bear the weight of the world.  Mel tried to not blush furiously in front of him but she couldn’t control her hormones.  Her body was excited.  It leaned toward him.  She couldn’t stop herself.  It was as if every single cell in her body resonated with the need to have this man.  Why the hell couldn’t she have met him before? She tried to calm herself, reminding herself that she was pregnant with some other man’s child.  Surely that was a turn off?  He was polite too, dammit.  If only, Mel thought wryly, he could be a douchebag.  Someone who spent all his time working on his body, only using his brain to calculate the grams of protein he needed to consume to that day to increase his chest girth.  And what an amazing chest the man had…  Mel ran her hand absentmindedly over her chin to reassure herself she wasn’t drooling.  Mike seemed to ignore her agitation.  Dammit, he was a nice guy too.  God was mocking her, Mel decided.  No, it wasn’t so much that he was mocking her, but she imagined him enjoying her twisting in the wind, unable to formulate a coherent sentence in front of this man her body decided it needed.

Rebound Baby, Too is completed and should be published soon…  just waiting to hear back from a publisher that I’ve sent it to in the hopes of going the traditional route.  Otherwise I shall start the new year with Jake and Anna to be followed by Rebound Baby 3 where Melinda and Mike hit it off.

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