Free ebook tomorrow – 6/23/2013

Happy summer!  I hope you are enjoying the warm weather and using the appropriate amount of sunscreen.  Tomorrow I have put my newest book Love at First Slight: Aidan and Olivia’s story up for free on amazon.  I should be working on my other books, but this idea was too good and I fell in love with the people I created and couldn’t help myself but put down their story.  I hope you enjoy it! Click below to get to the page on

Love at First Slight: Aidan and Olivia’s Story


Olivia never has good luck, so when she wins concert tickets and back stage passes, she’s reluctant to go.   What if she discovers the band is a bunch of jerks?  Her best friend, however, is determined to go and have some fun.  By fun, she means sex with a hot guy.  Olivia agrees, only because her friend Laura needs something to bring her out of her depression after her divorce.  What she didn’t count on was meeting Aidan.  He looked as out of place as she felt, and when he tries to strike up a conversation with him she strikes him down.  Why does fate have to have such a warped sense of humor and introduce her to her soul mate the day she feels snarky?

Good thing Aidan has a sense of humor.

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