Free for Thanksgiving and to celebrate Joe and Nikki’s story…

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Hopefully you’ll be able to avoid the cold and stay inside enjoying family and friends.  We love Thanksgiving at our house, good food all day long, the Macy’s Day parade followed by our favorite Christmas movies.  Sometimes we even pull out board games…  But I have to say my husband’s family are the worst cheaters I’ve ever met.  We rarely get out of jammies.  It doesn’t get better than that, right?

To celebrate Thanksgiving Aidan and Olivia’s Story will be free on Thursday and Friday on Amazon.

On Friday, the first installment of Jason and Laura’s Storywill be free.  Eventually I will complete Jason and Laura’s complete stories.  I’m still hoping to finish by Spring 2014.  Laura will fall in love with an amazing doctor named Max.  Jason is….  Well, I’m not quite sure yet.

Finally, I’ve completed Joe and Nikki’s Story and it is now available for sale.

Nikki would do anything to protect her nephew who she has raised as her own son since he was six months old, including marrying a tall, dark, stranger who seems too good to be true.

Joe can’t believe his luck when he realizes that the woman who he has been obsessing over needs his protection.  He’s willing to give it, but at a price.  He wants her.  He wants a chance at a real marriage, not the fake one she suggests and he intends to get what he wants.

This is the third book in the series Love at First Slight. Joe is ex-army and all Alpha male, and one of the owners of City Security.  He will do anything to protect Nikki Butler and her son.  His greatest concern is that once she realizes how dangerous he can be she might leave him.

And of course, in Joe and Nikki’s story we still see Matt and Kate, Kip and Amber, and Cooper’s love interest is introduced.

Happy Reading!!!

love at first slight cover aidan and olivialove at first slight cover jason and lauraFront Joe and Nikkilove at first slight matt and kate FRONT

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