#FridayReads 2 great book recommendations, a dark YA and a holiday anthology!

I read a variety of books, mostly romance and mystery/suspense, but I love great characters that suck me into their world. These books definitely do that, and while both are very well-written, they’re also completely different, so no matter what mood you’re in, one of these will make a perfect companion to curling up on the couch with a good book.

This week I’ve had the opportunity to read and review two great books, Love Out Loud, by Aimee L Salter, and Reindeer Games: A Holiday Anthology.

Love Out Loud is a dark YA that is the first in a series and ends on a cliff-hanger. It angsty and emotional and perhaps the perfect reminder that while your family drives you nuts, it could be SO much worse.

Salter expertly handles emotionally powerful topics giving the reader insight into the frailty of the human spirit. Guitarist, Crash, is willing to sacrifice his emotional stability for his best friend and bandmate, Tommy, as they navigate the professional side of the music industry. But his lies and secrets cost him Kelly, the only person he’s ever loved, the person he thought would be his forever. Kelly feels broken at Crash’s departure on tour, and when he returns, the three friends must stretch their bonds of friendship, forgive, and face Crash’s secrets head on. The dramatic angst keeps the reader pushing forward, hoping for the best but fearing the worst.

Readers of Jojo Meyers and Gayle Foreman will love this dark YA novel that dives deep into the sacrifices you’re willing to endure for someone you love.

Reindeer Games: A Holiday Romance Anthology  I am treating myself to one story each night, and I’ve loved each one. It’s a collection of some authors I love and new ones that I’ve never read before and are awesome.

This anthology had a few authors I love and some new ones for me. Four stories stood out that I really enjoyed. I absolutely adored Helen Kay Dimon’s m/m His for the Holiday. Adriana Anders m/f Saved by the Mountain Man was a wonderful surprise. Christa and Micha’s story was touching and sexy and I loved how layered the characters were. Tamara Lush’s Snow Angel was THE perfect m/f friends to lovers story. I really want to read more about Oliver’s family. I’ve never read Andie J. Christopher before, and I really enjoyed her m/f/m All They Want for Christmas, sexy with great characters. This is a super collection and I highly recommend it.


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