Garza Security BIG NEWS! Audiobook, prequel, book 2!

Handsome muscular man with tattoo posing in city centerThey’re here…

The men of Garza Security are available in Audiobook through my website. I’ve used Talkia Software to create a dramatic reading of Still Waters with a cast of character voices. I’m impressed with the inflections, and as an audiobook narrator and author, I’ve carefully edited the audiobook. If you’re visually impaired or used to pdf readers, you’ll love this version. If you like multitasking, you’ll love this version. This audiobook was affordable for me to make and I’m passing the savings on to you. $4.99 for the audiobook using the Soundwise App.

Listen to the first chapter here to see if it’s the right fit for you.

Get your audiobook of Still Waters, Garza Security Book One HERE!

Also, Still Waters is now available at all major retailers! You can find your favorite non-Amazon retailer link here:

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NEW RELEASE Marina’s Risk PREORDER TODAY from Amazon!

Marina’s Risk will be out May 30th, I’ll have the other retailer preorder links up soon!

He’s intense, crass, and Atlas would be jealous of his shoulders.

AJ Garza rescued her kidnapped father. Marina wants to know why her father was targeted. AJ wants Marina. She’s good at math, bad at people, and one night with AJ seems like the perfect solution.

But her questions make her a target.

She’s awkward, a stunner in fugly clothes, deserves a country-club guy, but she’s pregnant with his kid. Can he protect her and persuade her to take a chance on them?

Handsom man in leather jacket standing in front of city skyline at night.

Marina’s Risk has:

  • AJ talks!
  • Secret Baby
  • Band of Brothers
  • and of course, humor 😉
  • Preorder from Amazon. Other retail links coming soon!

Garza Security Prequel!

I’m writing the prequel to Still Waters and will have it available to my newsletter subscribers for FREE! If you haven’t already signed up, DO IT!

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