Good Hair Days – Available Now!!!!

Good Hair Days2

Good Hair Days

Twenty-something school teacher Paige Fitzgerald isn’t really living anymore when she inherits her recently deceased great-aunt Mary’s ‘good hair’ piece worn on special occasions. After finding her bucket list from college tucked inside the box with the wig, Aunt Mary’s ghost appears to Paige and they embark on a road trip to complete the short list and get Paige back on track to living. . .maybe even happily ever after. 

Sawyer Winchester is a twenty-seven-year-old gentleman cowboy who owns a ranch just outside of Albuquerque, NM. When he meets Paige, she tells him about her trip to complete her bucket list, and the first item: to ride a bull. Sawyer just so happens to have a gentle bull and he’d like nothing better than to spend more time with her. After one night and day together, Paige continues on her journey and takes more than memories…she might just have a piece of his heart as well.

Great-aunt Mary might be dead, but she’s not done yet. After 88 years of living well, she only has one regret: not getting Paige to complete her bucket list. Her dying wish to remedy that is granted, allowing her to spend up until New Year’s Eve with her favorite niece, completing three tasks that Mary hopes will bring her joy and a life filled with memories and love, while helping her to understand that every day should be a ‘good hair’ day.

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