#GreatRead – So what if it’s snowing, my book BF and I are at the beach.

IntoThe Heat

If you are in the Mid-Atlantic, like me, or the East coast, it’s time to load up your Kindle before you lose your power and internet. If I’m going to be huddled in a blanket next to a fireplace, I want my book boyfriends with me. I thought I’d share what I’m downloading today.

I’m excited about two new books that have just been released… One is Feverborn by Karen Marie Moning, but the sticker price has me waiting until it comes to my library. Sheesh… $13.99 for an ebook? I’m not that desperate, although I really do have a special place in my heart for Jericho Barrons.

The other book is by Tamara Lush, Into the Heat which I have purchased and am using it as my special treat when I have finished my chores. I’m actually looking forward to some snow as an excuse to not be able to leave the house. (I’m writing my grocery list and planning crockpot meals for the week to ensure maximum book reading time.) You can read a snippet from her book here.

Why am I excited about Tamara Lush’s new book? Because I LOVED Hot Shade! A sexy Italian alpha male who is hiding something, a beautiful, smart reporter who is determined to uncover his secrets, a hot beach and sexy times.., The book is guaranteed to keep your toes warm (and curled) even if it’s freezing outside.

Of course, there’s always Rebecca Barray and my latest release, Imperfect, with some very spicy sex between Liam and Sophie, but I digress… Sometimes I find myself re-reading to have special time with my old book boyfriends, in which case I’ll find myself revisiting EVERY book by Kristen Proby. And yeah, I’ve actually asked her to write faster. That’s not weird, right?

What’s on your list? Who is your favorite book boyfriend? Who is your favorite heroine? Which heroine would you bitch-slap so you could take her place because she is UNDESERVING of YOUR book boyfriend?

Stay warm, my friends, and let me know what you’re reading.


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