Happy Valentines Day! Have a little Beckham with your coffee:)


People Magazine voted David Beckham the Sexiest Man Alive and they’re not wrong. Mr. Beckham, in addition to being an inked God that adores his wife and children, has my name inked on his body – maybe yours too. How can you not love a man who loves his momma?

2DE73EC400000578-3294469-image-a-15_1446108587795Picture from http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3294469/David-Beckham-s-wife-Victoria-debuts-latest-tattoo-social-media-designed-four-year-old-daughter-Harper.html

The Dailymail has a fascinating description of his tattoos and their meanings here:

My favorite pictures are from his People Magazine photo shoot. My-oh-my, he is an attractive man and his devotion to his wife and children make him crazy-sexy-hot. Better luck next year, Channing Tatum.




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