Holidays with family because love matters.

I’m spending Thanksgiving and Christmas with my family, including my kids who have been at college, my elderly father-in-law, and extended family. Why? Because after ten days in the ICU all I wanted was physical contact with my husband and children and family. (And dinner at Tequila Grill.) Although, the commercials on TV seemed to think what I wanted was a new car or a diamond. It’s not. Humans are a species that requires physical and emotional connection–Google it. And while common sense during the time of Covid requires some considerations, what is the point of life if we can’t share it with our loved ones?

What is the point of life if we can’t share it with our loved ones?

October 12th, I tested positive for Covid-19. I was released from the ICU on October 29th. I finally turned off the supplemental oxygen on November 17th. I was not considered immunocompromised or at risk. I’ve worn a mask religiously, carried alcohol wipes to wipe down surfaces before I touch them, washed my hands until they’re chapped, and only left the house for groceries. Basically, I’ve been a hermit since March. I am married to a physician who sees dozens of people daily but wears PPE. My point is, while I will continue to wear masks and wash hands, the virus is everywhere. Masks, hand washing will help, but just being alive puts us at risk.

Covid hit me hard because I probably had asymptomatic walking pneumonia. I went to the ER on the 19th and was shocked when the doc wanted to check me into the ICU. Anywho, after being hooked up to oxygen, sent to the ICU, pumped full of antibiotics and plasma and remdesivir, I felt better but my lungs weren’t willing to do their thing without a lot of assistance. Seriously, it felt like they were pumping gale force winds into my sinuses.

And during that time, I never once wished for a new car, jewelry, or clothing. I wanted to spoon the hubs. I would have settled for holding hands. I wanted to get better so I could hug my kids. I wasn’t facing death, but I was very sick.

So, this Thanksgiving and Christmas, damn straight I’m spending it with family, including my fun, crazy, sisters-in-laws who I love and adore. For me, my family is more than what makes me happy, my family is my reason for living. Yes, I’ll take precautions because my lungs are still healing and I certainly don’t want to spread anything to my family.

My choice isn’t for all. Everyone needs to consider their own health risks and those of their family members. But, if your grandma wants you to visit, I urge you to visit. If your uncle wants you to drop by and see the kids, please drop by. We are social creatures. We’ve been in lockdown since March, and isolation during the holidays may have serious psychological effects. Some folks really do need a hug. It’s just something to consider…


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