Into the Woods – Seriously Hot Cheese

Chris Pine and Billy Magnusen made me laugh last night as I watched Into the Woods with my daughters.  Their duet “Agony” was cheesy, with two seriously hot guys… making for seriously hot cheese!  If I were a movie reviewer, which I’m not, I’d say it’s a wonderful musical with an extremely talented cast.  There’s a caveat, however… I’m not a reviewer and I personally hate when they “grade” films somehow based on some scale they’ve devised.  Movies, like books, are personal.  They have an audience that they appeal to and if you aren’t in that demographic, it’s probably not for you.

So, with that warning… I have to admit my husband refused to go and that was before he knew it was a musical.  No guns, no fighting – there isn’t even any sword play.  Secondly, my son went but only because his girlfriend wanted to see it and afterward I was concerned his testicles may have permanently ascended because this is a chick flick, more so than The Notebook.  It’s for young adults and lovers of musicals and if you are in that demographic it’s an amusing adaptation of Steven Sondheim’s Into the Woods, not a perfect adaptation but the talented voices more than make up for it.

Finally, is it just me or did The Wolf seem like a super-pedophile?  Ick.  More Chris Pine, please.

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