Is there a difference between really sexy and real sexy?

Is there a difference between really sexy and real sexy?

Honestly, in your deep down heart, which would you rather have, hot sex with a Hugh Jackman or David Beckham look-alike, or a guy that does the grocery shopping and fixes things around the house and knows how to make you have an orgasm in under fifteen minutes.  Because really, sometimes fifteen minutes is all you have.

If you’ve read my previous blogs about the dishwasher, and I’ll state right now that I am the mother of three, now TEENAGERS (dear God, good thing they age and I don’t), you’ll understand my frustration about said children’s inability to load a dishwasher.  Having said that, I decided that perhaps it wasn’t all their fault.  So, rather than hire some guy to come out and look at the dishwasher I decided to hit youtube and find out how to improve my dishwasher’s cleansing ability.  Much to my satisfaction, I found this guy – and my dishwasher is working a million times better.  It turns out there was a bunch of broken glass in the filter.  Can’t blame the kids for not fishing that out, but it would have been nice if they’d mentioned they broke a glass. 

So, if you’re looking for REAL sexy, as opposed to hot and steamy sexy, check out this guy   Not only is he adorable, but he’s funny and I fixed my dishwasher and saved some cash too. 

Truthfully, I still write about really sexy guys who are also “real” sexy too.  Yum.

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