Just finished part one of Jason and Laura’s story in Love at First Slight Series.

I am so excited, I had to share.  So, if you’ve read Aidan and Olivia’s story you already know that Laura and Jason have what was supposed to be a one night stand and turns into so much more…

Don’t be upset with me please, but honestly, Laura and Jason are not meant to be forever, they are perfect for right now.  Jason helps Laura find out who she is as a sensual woman, and Laura helps Jason realize that sex without the emotional connection is really only half of what he could have.  

So – while this is probably the spiciest 20,000 words I have EVER written, I am happy to say that Laura will find her Mr. Perfect forever after she moves to Chicago.  Jason, well, he is going to meet Becca at a party at Aidan and Olivia’s.  You remember Becca, the sweet, bright nurse that Ashule was yelling at…  This girl has more secrets, and Jason is going to learn patience, how to be a friend, and how to woo a woman who is genuinely the kindest person he has ever met.

Part One – is Jason and Laura’s story together.  They end as friends.

Part Two will be Jason and Becca…

Part Three will be Laura and …  Well, I haven’t figured out his name yet.  Just that he looks a lot like Hugh Jackman.  Because really ladies, if we have to spend happily ever after don’t we wish he looked like Hugh Jackman?

Any good names for men you’d like to suggest?

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