#ManCandyMonday – I give you Ash, from Tessa Dare’s The Duchess Deal

Tessa Dare — The Duchess Deal – Ash and Emma
I love snappy dialogue, and I absolutely adored the banter between Ash and Emma. I literally lol’ed, and my eyes puddled in a couple of spots, too. The historical novel is fabulously fun, flirty, with two characters that you will fall in love with and want to fight for them.
I seriously adored the subplot where Ash becomes a vigilante – he’s like a Regency Batman! If I were to cast the movie, I pick Timothy Oliphant for the role of Ash.
Ash grew up with unconditional love, and his first experience with being judged and found wanting wounded him to the point where he believes he is unlovable. (And admittedly, he becomes a bit of an ass.)
Emma grew up with conditional love, and knowing she’d never be enough for her father she left. She insists on being treated with dignity and would rather live alone and poor than find herself in a loveless marriage.
Their marriage of convenience melds these two sides of a coin together, and they fit so perfectly together.
What are some of your favorite Historicals?


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