ManCandyMonday #HappilyMarried 27 Years Mark Harmon and Tom Hanks

Twenty-seven years of marriage… By then my kids will all be out of the house. We threaten that every room with be the “naked room” so they best call before coming home. They cringe because that’s a lot of cellulite to visualize.

PamDawber and Mark Harmon27y

I’m old enough to remember Mork and Mindy. I’m old enough to love Pam Dawber and who doesn’t love Gibbs… (I try to ignore the fact that Mark Harmon freaked me out as Ted Bundy or that he looks similar to the serial killer.)  The two live privately – meaning there are no sex-tapes or personal interviews about their personal lives. I appreciate that – I’d like to think that “normal” people don’t want their lives documented and produced. When in the news they have always been polite and protective of their personal lives.


Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson – another Hollywood couple that manage to stay out of the tabloids and happily married. I absolutely LOVED them in Sleepless in Seattle and That Thing You Do. I have a feeling these two know how to laugh.

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