ManCandyMonday #HappilyMarried 50+ years – you have to know how to laugh.

Fifty years for most people will be more than half of their long life. Fifty years means your partner is an integral part of YOU. Like Newman and Woodward these couples loved each other through sickness and health, in good times and bad, until death did they part, and I’m sure they laughed together every day.

The other thing to note is aging is NOT for sissies. These folks faced aging with all of its humiliations with a sense of humor and dealt with it…

Carl Reiner and Estell Reiner celebrated 64 anniversaries.imgres-1

James Garner and Lois Clarke celebrated 57 anniversaries.images-1

Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee celebrated 57 anniversaries.OssieDavisRubyDee57y

Angela Lansbury and Peter Shaw celebrated 53 anniversaries.images-2

Danny Aiello and Sandy Cohen celebrated 60 years.


My in-laws celebrated sixty-one years. Maybe not Hollywood stars but they were rockstars in their own circles. Patience, faith, love, humor, and more patience were what they taught us to live a happy and long life.

chuck and sue wedding

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