ManCandyMonday #HappilyMarried Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward 50 Years

I’m feeling romantic this August, perhaps it’s because my husband plans to take me travelling, including a trip to Scotland next year for our 25th anniversary. Maybe it’s because I’m having a blast with Becca Barray writing romance. It could be because our book Imperfect is going to be published by Boroughs Publishing this winter. Whatever the reasons, I want to celebrate marriages this August starting with Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward – married for fifty years.

He once said…

“I never ask my wife about my flaws. Instead I try to get her to ignore them and concentrate on my sense of humor. You don’t want any woman to look under the carpet, guys, because there’s lots of flaws underneath. Joanne believes my character in a film we did together, ‘Mr. and Mrs. Bridge’ comes closest to who I really am. I personally don’t think there’s one character who comes close . . . but I learned a long time ago not to disagree on things that I don’t have a solid opinion about.”
Paul Newman


Humor – I think that’s the key to a good marriage, but I’m only twenty-four years in…


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