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The show has several just “funny” episodes, and one of my favorites is Season 5 episode 9 “The Real Ghostbusters” where they meet Chuck.

While fighting ghosts the two are at a Supernatural convention and meet Chuck – the prophet who has written their “real-life” stories as a fictional series. Sam and Dean meet their “fans” and it’s hilarious. My favorite line is during the questions and answer period with Chuck. One audience member wonders why they don’t put their weapons on bungees since they keep losing them. The idea has merit…

At the convention

A recurring theme throughout Supernatural is the idea the brothers are actually gay lovers. So – if you take your filter off google images you’ll discover some hilarious photoshopped pictures. Some are good and some are so, so, so very bad.

I’ve added a few for your viewing pleasure but remember THESE ARE FAKED! Probably…

imgres-5 images-7  images-5

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