#ManCandyMonday – October’s Bad Guys end with Esai Morales and Liev Schreiber

I started watching Ozark, but tapped out recently. The whole cast is fabulous, the writing is great, but… there are no real heroes in this show. And the scene with the toenails is where I turned it off, and if you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m just going to say, yuck…

Esai Morales plays a slick bad guy, head of a drug cartel that Justin Bateman’s character launders money for. He’s scary, and yet, I find him very attractive. Yeah, he kills people, but only the ones who tried to cheat him…

The fact that every episode has Justin Bateman’s character, Martin Byrde, getting deeper and deeper into trouble, and honestly becoming irredeemable started to make me squeamish. I prefer “positive” character growth, not the degradation of the human soul. I had that feeling watching Son’s of Anarchy. I liked the first season, but by the middle of second season it was disappointing.

What about you? Does it bother you when you see a character turn evil? Do you still feel sympathy for them, or do you lose respect for the character? Does it make you want to stop watching – or close the book?



SPEAKING OF WHICH – Ray Donovan is a sympathetic bad guy, and I love the show. It’s a tragedy, but Ray compromises himself FOR his family, and usually only bad people get screwed. So, it’s kind of like the people who get screwed are really only suffering the consequences of their actions.

What are your favorite shows right now?

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