#ManCandyMonday – #SamElliott because… damn he’s fine, and stars in #TheHeroMovie.

Last week’s “The World’s Most Interesting Man” post had me thinking about other silver-haired hotties. Sam Elliott is swoon worthy, no matter when you first saw him. I think of him as The Distinguished Cowboy: sexy, loyal, sexy, reserved, sexy, honest, sexy, strong sense of integrity. Granted, my 20-something daughters may disagree, but ANY WOMAN — because they’re just showing their innocent young ages by not agreeing 😉 — will agree Sam Elliott is a force.

From Roadhouse to now, with a mustache or not, that voice does something at a pheromone level. And the characters he played in Westerns… Oh. My.

AND – he has a new movie coming out The Hero, which seems to have been written just for him. Check out the trailer below.

Do you agree? Who is a silver-haired hottie you’ve admired for decades?

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