@heyjomachin is doing a thing on instagram this week for all of us writers. Today’s prompt was a meetcute where they are BOTH doing something illegal and it CAN’T be homicide, drugs/drinking, OR stealing. Talk about restrictions! Plus, instagram doesn’t allow for a long story…

Here’s my try…

#meetcuteJanuary #amwriting #romance

I rolled past the stop sign, my eye on the parking spot across the street and didn’t notice the guy jaywalking.

Surprised green eyes flashed and a red plaid sleeve slapped the hood of my Jeep. Those green eyes narrowed, his mouth rounded. “You.”

I rolled down my window. “Sorry. Are you okay?”

Quinton James, my chem TA from last semester, stalked to the window. He didn’t like me. Maybe because I created mass every lab. I know that’s impossible, but I did it.

“Ms. Simms.” His eyebrow arched. At first I’d liked the way his eyebrow quirked and framed those bright green eyes. Then I realized it was his “you’re driving me nuts” look. I hated he was always cold with me, but so nice, and funny with the other students. Not cold. Frustratingly polite.

Still, I aced the final and passed the lab. I understood the material… I just created mass.

 “I’m sorry, I didn’t expect a jaywalker.”

He growled and rubbed his knee.

I smiled brightly. “Do you want a lift?”

“You rolled through the stop sign.”

“And you jaywalked. So, is that a no to the ride?”

He shook his head and then smiled. It was a really nice smile. One I’d never seen before. “Yeah. Drop me at the library?” He walked around the jeep, long limbs and wide shoulders. A swimmer’s body. He opened the door and slid into my car. “You know I was hoping to run into you… just not so violently.” A smile played at his lips.

“I thought you hated me.”


I turned onto University Ave. “Really? Because I remember a lot of stink-eye whenever I asked a question.” I parked in front of the library.

He faced me, his warm smile sparked a funny sensation in my stomach. “It was the creation of mass that baffled me. And the thing is Simms, I can’t date my students.”


He shook his head. “Nope.”

“And you, the jaywalker, are a rule follower?”

 “Yeah. Usually.” He arched an eyebrow, but this time with a smile. “So, since you’re not in my lab this semester, maybe we could grab a coffee?”

“That would be safer than a hit and run.”

“Totally worth it, though.” He winked, slammed the door and sauntered toward the library.

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