#MondayMotivation – Meet Joaquin

I’m super excited about the guys of Garza Security. Joaquin and his brother AJ started the security firm years ago, surrounding themselves with loyal friends, creating a family. Now, Joaquin wants to move beyond personal security to corporate. Joaquin’s past is dark, but he chooses to live in the present. Strong, sexy, loyal, protective – he’s the perfect book boyfriend. You can read chapter one here!

The story is exclusive on Radish until March. You can check it out here.

The books will be available at Wanderlust in Indy. Come join Becca and I at this awesome book signing in Indianapolis March 17, 2018. Check out more info here.

Still waters run deep. It’s okay if you need to borrow floaties.

Sara Waters needs a favor, and it’s not the kind she can pay back with a batch of homemade cookies. Her best friend needs to disappear from her abusive ex-husband, CARVER, and Sara knows the Garza brothers have the connections to make that happen. They agree, but only if she uses her network security skills at Garza Security for six weeks consulting. Six weeks working private sector versus government, and paid with benefits attracts the adventurous twenty-six year old, with the provision everything she does will be legal.

Joaquin Garza plans to expand the DC-based security business he owns with his brother before his thirtieth birthday. Enter Sara, the doe-eyed, techie, who makes Princess Anna from Frozen look street-saavy.  He admired her in their kickboxing class because she’s the first woman to stick it out long enough to land a few punches. Her network security skills are stellar; her roundhouse, accurate; her brain in exchange for some fake identification, fate.

But when the Carver threatens Sara in the grocery store parking lot, Joaquin feels responsible. Joaquin and his brother are the security professionals and intend to guard her. Except she’s not one to cooperate.

Oppositional defiance. She’s got it in boatloads.

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