#MondayMotivation – Meet Sawyer – hot, handsome, and humble

Holiday Novella: Good Hair Days Paige inherits her Aunt Mary’s car and “best” hair. Inside Paige finds her college bucket list —

1. Ride a bull

2. Drink Margaritas on a foreign beach

3. Vegas, New Year’s Eve

On the way she meets Sawyer, the cowboy with a bull named Blue, and rediscovers her passion for life. Rediscovers her confidence. Falls crazy in love. Available on Amazon and many other ebook retailers. See below for a sneak peek.

Because He Outgrew the Goat

The man turned and smiled at her. “See something you like, sweetheart?”

“Yes, sir,” Paige answered, emboldened by the tequila and Mary. She closed her mouth, aware that she was staring slack-jawed at the man.

He was masculine perfection, maybe a few years older than her; broad shoulders tapered down to just a hint of a waist, followed by the most perfect male rear end she’d ever seen.

She swallowed her excess saliva so that it wouldn’t dribble down her chin when she opened her mouth, and blinked, trying to ignore Mary comically overheating behind him.

Hell yeah, he was hot. Heat rose to Paige’s cheeks, and she wished Mary would quit distracting her for a few minutes. As a wingman, Mary left something to be desired.

He chuckled, walking over to Paige and tipping his Stetson. “And what brings you here tonight, little lady?”

Paige looked up into his amused blue-gray eyes. “Um, well…” she faltered, unsure of how direct she should be, then decided to just go for it. “I’d like to meet someone with a tame bull so I can ride it and cross it off my bucket list.” She flinched, realizing she sounded like a crazy woman.

I’m travelling across the country with my dead aunt. You decide—crazy or no?

He crossed his arms over his chest and leaned away from her. His gaze slowly raked over her, all the way down to the freshly painted purple toenails peeking out from her sandals, and back up again, pausing briefly to appreciate her matching purple bra.

“Why the hell do you want to ride a bull?” One side of his mouth pulled up in a teasing smirk, revealing a deep dimple.

Paige tilted her head to the side with a similar cockeyed smile and gave a sassy reply. “I don’t know. Why the hell do you ride a bull?”

“Well, I got too big for the goat,” he said with a wink. “I’m Sawyer. Sawyer Winchester.”

“Paige,” she said, forcing the word from her mouth and holding out her hand. A swoon threatened to overtake her as he grasped her fingers, slightly turned her hand, and bent forward to brush a feathery kiss across her knuckles.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, ma’am,” he said in a sexy southern drawl.
Oh, Mary, thank you for this late Christmas present.Sawyer straightened up, but didn’t release her hand. His fingertips were a little rough against her smooth palm, but Paige found that she really didn’t mind it. Not at all.
“Do you really ride bulls?” she asked hopefully. Mary peeked out from behind the man and gave her two enthusiastic thumbs-up, before returning to enjoy the view of him from behind.

“Yeah,” he began, grinning. “Well, I did. Actually, it’s been a while. Now, I ranch.”

“And do you happen to have a…beginner bull?”

He glanced over at the dance floor as the music in the bar slowed. “Now, that information is gonna cost you a dance.”

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