My most exciting email to date!

Hi Tobi!

Congratulations! You are one of the 9th Annual Passionate Plume finalists for your entry Rebound Baby.

I still have a huge, stupid grin on my face! I find out in July if I’ve actually won for my category of novellas, and while that would be cool, I’m ridiculously giddy to be a finalist.
Passionate Plume is an “erotic” chapter of Romance Writers of America. I joined earlier in the year, after joining Romance Writers of America and took an interesting online course… My cheeks are still flaming! It took forever for me to even say the words “erotic author” in description of what I write. Now, while I wouldn’t put it on a business card that I hand out to my neighbors, I feel less embarrassed. More confident? Not confident enough to tell my mother-in-law… My husband and I were joking that if she ever heard, I’d explain that I was an exotic author, writing travel stories. Heh-heh-heh. For crying out loud, what would you say to an 80 year old woman?
So – I’m extremely tickled to have been chosen as a finalist and had to share my good news with you all. I hope that you follow me on my blog, twitter, facebook, and encourage your friends to as well. I am currently working on Rebound Baby, Too – and while I love the characters and the plot, it’s taking longer to get the words to page. They are really good words once they are on the page though…
If I get a message from you all, I might even put up another free short story for July 4th.
Have a wonderful Tuesday. Mine is absolutely fabulous!


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