Nanowrimo… Not a very prodigious beginning I’m afraid.

National Novel Writing Month has begun this November 1st and I’m trying – honest. Unfortunately it started with no power – a wind storm knocked out power to most of the homes in our city and it took a day to come back on. Thank goodness it was warm and I didn’t need to worry about being cold and in the dark! Also – I never realized how much I Googled for little tidbits in my stories. Honestly, I think I need to start adding Google to my acknowledgements.

Finally – while I love my new Asus Laptop and I don’t mind Windows 8, I can’t stand the charms bar. Everytime I go to scroll down a page the stupid thing pops up on the right side. Sheesh. Finally, I found out how to remove it and I’m SOOOO happy. Remember you can pull it back up by hitting the windows + C. Anyway, now that I’m done with my rant, here’s the page that explains a couple of different ways on how to get rid of that annoying charms bar.

I’ll go back to writing and quit procrastinating now. I promise.

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