On Sale Today – Emily’s Perfect Valentine by Doyle MacBrayne

Available at amazon by clicking here.  James and Emily’s story from Friday Harbor.  

Emily Hansen had a rough start to life and she isn’t going to let anything get in the way of her future.  She doesn’t trust easily and she sure isn’t going to be stupid enough to fall in love.  She has a plan to finish college and start a career.  She doesn’t ever want to depend or need anyone but herself.

James Whittier is blown away when his cousin Bree introduces him to her college roommate, Emily.  She’s shy, quiet, and he immediately feels the need to protect her.  He pursues her carefully, knowing that she needs her independence before she can learn that he’s trustworthy.  He loves her, he needs her, but will she break down her walls and let him in?

This is a Friday Harbor story, the first one in the series is the Fourth Christmas, about Bree Canter, Emily’s roommate, and Eric Thorsten.  The books can be read independently, and if you enjoyed James and Emily’s story, you’ll love Eric and Bree’s.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

-Doyle MacBrayne



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