Our first stop on the #BourbonTrail @BuffaloTrace

The hubs and I celebrated our 28th anniversary by taking a beautiful drive into Kentucky and visiting a few distilleries. Buffalo Trace was our first stop and it’s beautiful (and delicious) and their rootbeer is the bomb. We brought home a case of non-alcoholic rootbeer, some vodka, and the bourbon cream. I love the smell of bourbon, sweet, smoky, spicy and sleepy.


Buffalo Trace is located at 113 Great Buffalo Trace, Frankfort, KY 40601. Frankfurt is the capital of Kentucky, a small, quiet town with very friendly residents.

My personal favorite from Buffalo Trace is the Bourbon Cream, similar to Bailey’s. The rootbeer is a close second, though. They also make White Dog, which is basically moonshine without the fun flavors. 0_o

Are you a bourbon drinker? What’s your favorite?

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The brick warehouses are impressive (look at those barrels in the windows). They even heat them in the winter.

One of the many brick warehouses at Buffalo Trace Distillery

Buffalo Trace landscapers work hard to make the distillery plant tour feel more like a vacation destination. Also, it was a beautiful Kentucky weekend!


They've done a really nice job making the tour feel like you're at a vacation destination:)

The tour takes you through one of the warehouses. Notice the “experimental” barrel. Since bourbon can take 5+ years to age, those experiments take a LONG time to figure out if the “new” blend or conditions are worthy. In other words, I’d never make it as a bourbon distiller. I’m way too impatient!

Fun fact: Buffalo Trace makes BOTH Pappy Van Winkle AND Fireball. Basically, they’ve got something for everyone. Later that weekend the hubs and I tried some Pappy, and while very good, I’m not sure it’s worth the expense for me. I still love my Maker’s, especially considering the price difference. The bottling plant is pictured below. They roll the barrels in and pour them into those big containers which then pump them to the bottling “funnels”. They weren’t bottling Fireball here, so there just a lovely caramel and bourbon spice in the air.

The tasting room had this amazing wall using the staves of the barrels. Another fun fact – bourbon barrels are only used once. After bourbon has aged for YEARS in the barrel, the barrel is then sold. All those “bourbon-infused” beers, etc. are using the barrels. They also send a bunch to Ireland and Scotland whiskey distillers. Fun fact: Tobi prefers bourbon over whiskey.
To my sisters-in-law… That Wheatley Vodka is waiting for our next girls trip!

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