Packing tip, because I’m tired of wrinkles!

I hate ironing, and when I’m traveling it really is the last thing I’d like to do. I’ve been searching the web for ideas on how to pack suits better. This is where I admit I pack for my husband, because I don’t wear suits. This video is quick and I really think the tailor has got a great idea with his ziplock bags leaving air inside so the suit and shirts don’t get crushed. Watch the video here.

I recently packed a few dresses for my trip to RWA and hung them the moment I arrived. I’ll admit I brought dresses I wanted to wear, so two were cotton, and two were a rayon blend. Rayon doesn’t wrinkle, and the cotton managed to do fairly well. I laid the first cotton dress flat on my bed on top of a beach towel. I folded the excess skirt fabric so that the entire dress stayed within the borders of the towel.. I layered the dresses cotton, rayon, cotton, rayon, and then carefully folded the towel in fourths and placed it in my suitcase on the side that has a zippered flap. I use a samsonite like this one. tossme

I believe the secret is to NOT CRUSH the fabric. Which means packing less…



Egads, right? Well, as far as packing lighter and other tips, I still believe Erin Knightley’s youtube video has the best insights. I basically used her “tips” for my 17 day trip to Scotland where I brought ONE BAG and did NO LAUNDRY. It became a bit like an Erma Bombeck experience at the end with some interesting clothing choices left, I had one “good” outfit left for the last day because I didn’t want to fly looking like… well, something my mother would die from embarrassment over. I did, however, have clean underwear for the whole trip:) I also ended up throwing away a pair of jeans and some socks due to an unfortunate bog incident. Here’s Erin’s video, and the garment bag attachment that her suitcase has is pretty much what I used my beach towel for. Again, it’s not crushing that is the real secret, which I admit I’m guilty of.

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