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I love NPR, PBS, and some shows on BBC. Trust me, if you’ve ever traveled to the BBC you’ll discover we only get the best and their reruns are on par with some of ours. Game of Thrones is over, and yet I’m still hankering for period costumes and chivalry. Poldark fits the bill. Plus it’s filmed in Cornwall and it looks gorgeous… and so is the cast.

The hubs and I are watching the latest season of Poldark and we couldn’t remember anything from the las season. So, he bought all the DVDs. Yeah, he loves me, he tolerates my crazy, he makes me laugh every day, we have three kids that we adore most days… and he binge-watched Poldark with me. #Winning

I’ve already decided I married Darcy, or at least the perfect man for me. (minus Pemberly, but hey, who needs all those rooms to dust?)


For those of you watching the latest season, things I noticed in the series in no particular order:

  • Any time a woman tries to involve herself, things get screwed up.
    • I’m guessing because the book was written in 1945 by a man who probably preferred the woman to not “interfere” in business that didn’t concern her.
  • Demelza is freaking awesome in the series… I’m not willing to read the books (see the previous bullet)
  • The character are all flawed human beings and the friction they make when they interact is positively binge-watching-worthy
  • I found myself so freaking pissed at people giving George Warleggen a crappy time EACH AND EVERY TIME he tried to be nice. Every time they reinforced his wound of feeling less than and made him into the horrible, bitter man he is now.
    • Yeah – everyone, including Ross Poldark, himself.
    • It’s what makes the show watchable because the characters feel so real.
  • Super awkward love affair situation goings on…
    • I kind of HATE Elizabeth. I mean first she “assumes” Ross is dead and so she marries his cousin, then she tells Ross that she’ll always love him. After Francis dies she’s gas-lighted by George and too stupid-to-live and have an adult conversation with Demelza about what’s going on and therefore she trusts George.
    • Also, poor Rosina… this girl almost gets married, but then her betrothed turns out to be the mole in the pirating scheme, then she gets left at the altar by Demelza’s brother.
    • BUT – this is NOT A ROMANCE, it has romantic elements, sure, but it’s not a romance. There is no happy endings for several characters.
  • And I’m still watching…

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