Preview Rebound Babies Mike and Mel

We are working on the final, final edits of Rebound Babies (originally titled Rebound Baby, Triplets). I thought of this scene while waiting to pick up my son from school. Amazing where the mind wanders, eh?

He smiled and, oh my God, if Melinda’s uterus could stand up and applaud, it would have. Michael Salvatore in person was a god. Alright, truthfully he probably wasn’t quite at the god status, but he definitely had the shoulders of a man who could bear the weight of the world. Mel tried to not blush furiously in front of him but she couldn’t seem to control her hormones. Dammit, the dream was messing her up. Her body was excited. It leaned toward him, begging her for contact. She couldn’t stop herself. It was as if every single cell in her body craved this man. Why the hell couldn’t she have met him before? She tried to calm herself, reminding herself that she was pregnant with another man’s child. Surely that was a turn off, right? He was polite, too. Dammit. If only, Mel thought wryly, he could have been a douchebag, someone who spent all his time working on his body, only using his brain to calculate the grams of protein he needed to consume to increase his chest girth. And what an amazing chest the man had…

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