Rebound Baby, Too excerpt

brendan kelly
Big Mike – or Bike Mike as Anna’s roommate Melinda calls him.
jennifer lawrence
I picture Anna Kincaid to sound like Jennifer Lawrence and look a little like her too.
ryan lochte
Ryan Lochte is my inspiration for Mr. Lickable because hey, I don’t care who you are… you’d taste him.

Here’s a sneak peek.  Intended for readers eighteen and over. And, yeah, it’s all copyright protected material, but I’m happy if you share this tidbit.

I was nervous to be alone with Jake. He must have sensed it because he gently set my bags down and pulled me in for a hug. His large hands cupped my face and he kissed me. I melted against him. Somehow I had forgotten how intoxicating he smelled. His hands tilted my head, his fingers combing through my hair. When he finally broke our kiss I was panting. He kissed me lightly and whispered, “I missed you.”

I slowly released my clenched grip from his twisted shirt. I leaned up and kissed him gently, “I missed you, too.”

“I’m Mike.” A big hand appeared in my periphery and Jake hands lowered. One went protectively around my waist holding me tightly to him while his other shook Mike’s.

“Jake. Thanks for taking care of my girl.” I wanted to bristle but I understood Jake needed to take a stand. I couldn’t correct him now.

Mike’s lips twitched, “Funny, there’s no ring on her finger.”

Oh hell.

“Mike.” I narrowed my eyes in warning. “Shut the hell up.”

He shrugged a mischievous glint in his eyes, “Just saying, a pretty girl like you, no ring. If you were mine I’d have a big rock on your hand with a band in like, five minutes.”

“I’m not yours. I would never be yours.” Sheesh, to think I was going to introduce him to Melinda. She’d kill me if he went all caveman on her. Probably. Maybe. Maybe not.

Jake bristled, “You trying to tell me something, Mike?”

“Yes, I am.” He stood to his full height, his suit still impeccably neat, full intimidation mode. “I’ve spent the last two weeks with your girl and I like her. She’s like a little sister to me. A pregnant, unmarried little sister.”

“Ok, then. It’s time for us to go.” I grabbed Jake’s hand. “Please?”

“Let me clear something up, first. Mike, I appreciate your loyalty to Anna. Don’t for a second think I don’t want to marry her. She isn’t ready for that. When she is, I will happily buy the biggest rock she’ll let me put on her finger and give her the wedding of her dreams. She’s mine, and I’m not letting her go. Anna?”

Oh hell. Jake was radiating anxiety. He’d just put it all out there, trusting me. The man loved me. He trusted me.

I leaned up and kissed his cheek. “Yes, Jake, I’m yours. Your mine, the baby is ours and I’d like to take a shower and go to bed, with you.”

“Well played.” Colt cheered from behind us. “See you kids tomorrow.”


So, I think if this was a movie Ryan Lochte would be Jake, Jennifer Lawrence would be Anna, Brendan Kelly would be Mike, and well, I’m not sure who I see for Melinda yet… She needs to be spunky, cute, snarky, kind of like a young Wendy Malik. What do you think?

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