Romance Author Gets Heart Frozen + Free Audiobooks

Things I did this week include a heart procedure to help stop my atrial flutter, known as cardiac ablation. And yes, I literally had parts of my heart frozen! I’m recovering just fine, it was an outpatient procedure and I’m very thankful to my cardiologist and the hospital staff.

I’ve also uploaded a BUNCH of free audiobooks to  This site allows for authors and narrators to put their promotional copies of their audiobook in an effort to get reviews. If you love audiobooks, definitely check out the titles they’ve got there!

In addition to using I have audiobook copies for The Lake Willowbee Series, by Jill James that I loved and am giving away FREE COPIES to the first 20 people who contact me! Just fill out this form and note that your email will not be saved. This is only to notify and send the winners the free audiobook code for The Lake Willowbee Series Audiobook.

About the Series:
Divorce, Interrupted
Trapped in a mountain cabin, newly-divorced Todd and Lisa Miller are forced to confront a flood, her infidelity, and a lifetime of memories that still ignite a spark between them.

Dare To Trust
Trust does not come easy to Evie Grimes who is stalked by her ex-husband. Brady Jackson will do anything to protect Evie, but does she dare trust that he wouldn’t commit murder to do so?

Defend My Love
Falsely accused embezzler, Megan Kirby wants her lost years in prison back, to be a wife to Daniel, and a mother to Daisy, a child she doesn’t know. But she won’t be truly free until she proves she was setup.

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