Seattle Saturday #WTF Weird Mosiac

Tonight we walked past the Seattle gum wall. At first I was thinking, hey, that’s really pretty, all those different colors. And then I got up close and gagged.


It reminded me of when I taught middle school. My “gum chewing” rule was – throw it in the garbage when you’re done. Why? Because if you tell kids they can’t chew gum, they’re gonna chew gum, and then they’ll “hide” it to avoid getting in trouble. That hiding place will be discovered the first day of summer, when you’re trying to clean out your room and head on home. Ick… Actually, I never had gum under my tables because I instituted the rule. However, my fellow teachers were ticked that students were “allowed” to chew gum in my room. Yeah, I didn’t care. I wasn’t scraping gum off my room surfaces.



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