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This week’s Spanish lesson is colors, and a review of last week’s introductions. The podcast is available on most streams, including Google Play, iTunes, Stitcher, etc. Be sure to add Tobi’s Down and Dirty Guide to the Spanish Language to your weekly downloads.

Here’s the transcript for this week’s lesson, and as always, this is copyright 2019 by Tobi Doyle.

Hola, me llamo Tobi. Welcome to Lesson 2. Bienvenidos a leccíon dos. Today’s lesson focuses on colors most straight guys know.

You all remember ROY G BIV, right? In Spanish, I’m afraid his name sounds like he’s yorking last night’s jagermeister. RAAVAIV.

Red – rojo

Orange – anaranjado

Yellow – amarillo

Green – verde

Blue – azul

Indigo – índigo

Violet – violeta

We’ll go over those again, but first let me introduce:

Black: Negro

White: Blanco

Dark: Oscuro

Light: Claro

BUT, Spanish puts the color first, so

Azul oscuro is dark blue,

Azul claro is light blue.

AND light blue uber would be uber azul claro.

Notice the noun, uber, comes before the adjective.

So, yellow beer is, probably not drinkable, but cerveza amarilla was the answer I was going for.

Fun fact, sometimes the colors agree in number and gender with the noun and sometimes they don’t. Why? Because some colors are named after nouns, like violet.

Violet is both a flower and a color. For violeta, the color, you DON’T change the gender.

Example? Violet boyfriends becomes novios violetas.

Which sounds like they have blue balls, but really that would be cojones azules.

Okay, lets practice, and I’m going to guess you still remember your colors from those Dora episodes you watched…

Repeat after me:

Red – rojo

Orange – anaranjado

Yellow – amarillo

Green – verde

Blue – azul

Indigo – índigo

Violet – violeta

Black – negro

White – blanco

Dark – oscuro

Light – claro

And lets add…

Purple – púrpura

Brown – marrón – which has a double r, so roll them like you mean it.

Grey – gris

And if you wanted to ask, What color is it? ¿Qué color es?

More practice, repeat after me.

Your eyes are red. Tus ojos están rojos.

My purple uber is here. Mi uber púrpuro está aquí.

Good. My green girlfriend is here.  Bueno. Mi novia verde está aquí.

I’m sorry you have blue balls. Lo siento que tienes cojones azules.

It’s okay. Add me on Snapchat and see them later. Está bien. Añádame en Snapchat y los ves luego.

I’ll see you later. Hasta la vista.

Ciao. Ciao – which is a common way of saying ‘bye’.

Review and testing: Say the English phrase in Spanish.

Hello, I’m Tobi. Hola, me llamo Tobi.

Nice to meet you. Mucho gusto.

Do you want to dance? ¿Quieres bailar?

Thanks for the dance. Gracias por el baile.

Add me on Instagram. Añádame en Instagram.

Green wife. Esposa verde.

Black beer – cerveza negra

Can I buy you a drink? ¿Te invito una copa?

Yes, thank you. A red drink. Sí gracias, uno copa roja. (or bebida roja)

Dark yellow dance – el baile amarillo oscuro

What color is my boyfriend? ¿Qué color es mi novio?

Light purple – púrpura clara

Join me next week, when we learn how to tell someone we’re legal, and not full of buttholes.

I really hope you enjoyed this week’s lesson of colors and review of last week’s introductions. I’m hoping to put these out every Friday, so definitely follow me. You can hit me up on Twitter @tobidoyle, or at my website, or on Facebook Tobi Doyle, Author.

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