Sweater Weather #FlashFictionFriday

Her cheeks were pink, her nose red and running.  She sniffled against the back of her glove and grinned stupidly.

“Why are you so happy?” Bridgette grumbled.

“It’s sweater weather!”  Becca danced in a circle and pulled at the frumpy shape that laid across her frame, it was a kaleidoscope of browns and greens and a god-awful yellow color that only came in yarn.

“And that’s a good thing because?”

Becca nudged her and pointed her nose toward their neighbor.  She caught sight of Katrina, who just last week brought her garbage down wearing a bikini top and booty shorts.  Today, Katrina was smartly dressed in knee high boots, leggings, and a chunky tunic sweater.  Career Barbie would like to look that good.

Becca whispered, “Now we finally have a chance with the hottie in 2B.”

“Mmm.”  Bridgette mumbled and wondered if it was possible to have too much self-esteem…

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