January 14, 2019

I’ll be publishing my books at iTunes, Kobo, and other major retailers in February. Definitely download and read today if you are a #KindleUnlimited user. It could be a year or longer before they return to KU. Need help to decide which of my books to read first? Check out the book boyfriend finder page!

November 12, 2018

Becca and I have put together another Flirty Bit of Fluff for your Fall vacation. Read about Bryce McCoy, the jock in high school, but now he’s so much more. He’s stuck with jury duty on a trial involving a sex-toy company and his fellow juror is the girl that got away in high school….

December 25, 2015

Free today: The Fourth Christmas – Bree Cantor knew Eric was her one and only since she was twelve… It took years for the idiot to figure it out. A sweet and funny romance. Free always: Jason and Laura – on smashwords. Laura meets sexy rocker Jason, and finds her sexy side. The two are…