#TheInterview #WTFWednesday #SueNorthKorea The Interview Pulled, Let’s Sue North Korea!

The Interview Pulled – Let’s Sue North Korea!

Today my #WTFWednesday (written on a Thursday) is “Terrorism – How to Use A Litigious Society To Your Advantage”

I don’t like Seth Rogen’s sense of humor or films so Sony pulling that particular film doesn’t affect what I planned to do on Christmas morning or day.  My teenage daughter, and her demographic, are slightly bummed.  If Sony was smart they’d offer it on On-Demand because I would download and watch it just to stick it in North Korea’s face.

On the one hand, we should never allow the threat of a bully to change our actions because then they win.  On the other hand, if anything happened you know that there would be a class action lawsuit against the theater owner, the theater company, Sony, Seth and anyone else involved in the production or distribution of the film.

As an author I understand that fighting a lawsuit is more inconvenient than the humor of making a snarky comment in a book about a specific person, product, or company.  This is why Acme made so many fine products for Wile E. Coyote.  The reality of our litigious society is why Sony chose to pull the film – not because North Korea is using terror but the threat of a lawsuit isn’t worth the inconvenience or money.

So, I call you to action my dear readers, please share this with everyone you know – let’s make a class action lawsuit against North Korea for mental distress.  I’m sure there is a law firm out there that would like the extra press, perhaps you even work for one.  Surely there is enough proof that the North Korean government is complicit in this cyber-threat.  Use OUR form of domestic terrorism and take it to North Korea.  Hell, maybe we could even get the World Health Organization involved – you know have North Korea pay for therapists to help us through this time of mental anguish.  For once, perhaps France would join us on the floor of NATO and fight for the end of the threat of terrorism.  Just sayin… WTF?

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