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Here’s this week’s transcript!

Welcome back, mis amigos.

This week we’re going to learn numbers and a few key phrases. You can find the transcript on my website at if you want to look up the spelling.

Also, I need to explain that all languages have expressions, or sayings that we use everyday without thinking about them. For that reason, literal translations don’t always work. 

For example, “Me llamo Tobi,” means I’m Tobi, or my name is Tobi, but it literally translates to I call myself Tobi. Which, if you’re from the United States just sounds weird. But here’s the thing, we use expressions, too. We don’t actually drop our kids off at school, because that would mean we’re releasing our children from a height and hoping for the best. Which, honestly, yeah, some days I totally wanted to drop the kids, but hey we all survived and therapy is a sound investment. 

Anyway, the point is key phrases that we’ll use can’t be literally translated. 

Such as, when you tell someone you’re 21 years old in Spanish —  Tengo veintiuno años. Which literally translates to “I have 21 years.”

Años, with a nya sound. Not anos. Those are buttholes. 

Repeat after me:

Zero – Cero 

One – Uno 

Two – Dos 

Three – Tres 

Four – Cuatro 

Five – Cinco 

Six – Seis 

Seven – Siete 

Eight – Ocho 

Nine – Nueve 

Ten – Diez 

Eleven – Once 

Twelve – Doce 

Thirteen – Trece 

Fourteen – Catorce 

Fifteen – Quince 

Sixteen – Dieciséis 

Seventeen – Diecisiete 

Eighteen – Dieciocho 

Nineteen – Diecinueve 

Twenty – Veinte 

Okay, let’s practice some phrases

I’d like two tacos, please. Me gusta dos tacos, por favor.

Five golden rings – cinco anillos dorados

Three beers – tres cervezas

Six yellow violets – seis violetas amarillas

Remember the adjectives go after the noun, but the number goes in front. I don’t know why, it just does.

More numbers, repeat after me:

Twenty – Veinte

Twenty-One – Veintiuno 

Twenty-Two – Veintidós 

Twenty-Three – Veintitrés 

Twenty-Four – Veinticuatro 

Twenty-Five – Veinticinco

Twenty-Six – Veintiséis 

Twenty-Seven – Veintisiete 

Twenty-Eight – Veintiocho 

Twenty-Nine – Veintinueve 

Thirty – Treinta 

Thirty- One – Treinta y Uno 

Today is January 25. Hoy es el veinicinco de enero.

My birthday is March 5. Mi cumpleaños es el cinco de marzo.

There are 31 days in November. Hay treinta y uno días en noviembre.

I’m 22 years old. Tengo veintidos años.

Okay, let’s count by tens…

Ten – Diez

Twenty – Veinte

Thirty – Treinta

Forty – Cuarenta

Fifty – Cincuenta

Sixty – Sesenta

Seventy – Setenta

Eighty – Ochenta

Ninety – Noventa

One Hundred – Cien 

200 – Doscientos 

300 – Trescientos 

400 – Cuatrocientos 

500 – Quinientos 

600 – Seiscientos 

700 – Setecientos 

800 – Ochocientos 

900 – Novecientos 

1000 – Mil 

1001 – Mil Uno 

2000 – Dos Mil 

2019 – Dos Mil Diecinueve 

100,000 – Cien Mil 

1,000,000 – Millón 

I promise you, I am 18 years old. – Te prometo, tengo dieciocho años.

How old are you, papí? ¿Cuantos años tienes, papí?

I’m 33 years old. Tengo treinta y tres años.

It costs 200 dollars. – Cuesta doscientos dólares. 

I’ll pay you $150 dollars. Te pago ciento cincuenta dólares.

And for funsies…

If a dude is behaving like an adolescent idiot, you would say: Él es la edad del pavo. 

Test time!

 I am 25 years old. Tengo veinticinco años. 

My papí is 50. Mi papí tiene cincuenta años.

There are 5 buttholes. Hay cinco anos.

I have 12 violets. Tengo doce violetas.

I would like 8 pizzas, please. Me gusta ocho pizzas, por favor.

Seven enchiladas. Siete enchiladas.

2019. Dos mil diecinueve.

I really hope you enjoyed this week’s lesson of numbers. Join me next week, we’ll be describing wood. Trust me, you’ll thank me later. 

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