#TravelTuesday Menopausal in Madrid Travel Tip #2

Belem, Portugal

Travel tip #2 for the ladies of a certain age, and apparently dudes who discover.

LAYERS! I traveled in winter, January 1-15, and the weather was great. By great, I mean cold. By cold, I mean anywhere from low-forties to mid-sixties. My traveling companions and I were able to remain comfortable, stripping off coats, scarves, sweaters, and hanging out in a tank top and jeans. My friends who experience hot-flashes I strongly recommend traveling in winter – it’s so much easier to get and stay comfortable than in summer, where the locals admit, can be stifling hot.

Speaking of layers, my sister-in-law found THE BEST COAT! I’m in love with this thing. It marries form and function perfectly. It looked fabulous for all two weeks, and had a ton of pockets. Check it out here: http://amzn.to/2j0pv6K  It’s the ScotteVest travel trench coat, and while it’s crazy expensive (at least I think so), it really held up well.


I was nowhere near as fancy using my black waterproof rain jacket from Lands End. My favorite part of this lightweight jacket? I can roll it up and stuff it into my purse. It’s not as pretty, but it’s truly functional:)

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