#TravelTuesday – Menopausal in Madrid Travel Tips

Portugal – that bridge looks a lot like the SF Golden Gate.

I spent two amazing weeks in Europe traveling with my sisters-in-laws. It was so much fun, great scenery, and so-so wine. Sorry Spain, you’ve got nothing on Napa. The trip inspired me to write something more literary… It’s a work that’s still percolating in my mind. However, you know my snarky self, so I’ve also decided to write travel tips for those of us that are of a certain age and traveling. Check back weekly for more ideas:)


Probably the most important for those of us that have given birth to children.

DETROL – I’m totally serious. Screw “products” and just break down and ask your doctor for a prescription. It’s life changing. You’ll see more museums and less bathrooms. The best part, you only have to ask once for a prescription and it’s pretty much assumed you’ll get refills forever. The negatives, I have the generic, which is more “mouth drying” than the original. This is solved by gum and drinking more water, and surprisingly I still don’t visit the bathroom as much.

A side benefit – I no longer hate interior decorators that push water features. That said, if you are putting together a place of business, just remember that every woman over forty has to pee at the sound of water. That beautiful fountain that is supposedly calming… yeah, not so much.

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