Writing #romance, or trolling on twitter, here’s some help for managing social media.

I’m not only author who feels like they spend a significant portion of the day on social media. The thing is, I belong to some Facebook groups with other authors and they are awesome for sharing insights, offering advice, and making me laugh. Twitter seems to be the best place to meet new readers and writers, and let’s face it, sell stuff. But this last week it reached part-time-job levels without me even realizing it. Kind of like finishing the entire bag of potato chips, regardless of the size of the bag of potato chips… I actually asked SIRI to remind me to get off Facebook, and then silenced the b*tch, because I just needed five more minutes.

So, if you don’t have SIRI, here’s a simple timer that doesn’t require a download, but it only works if you have self-control. Which I don’t. http://minutesplease.com/

Rescue Time monitors your social media usage, and allows you to set limits.

Last, but not least, is BrowseControl, you can set limits on WHEN you can use social media. Just like your the boss of your corporation, and you want your employee to be productive between the hours of 8-5. I’ll try this and let you know how it goes. I figure any questions I want to ask my Facebook friends can wait until lunch, or after work.

I wish there was a REAL option for doing housework AND social media. Because Pinterest is so much more interesting than mildew…

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