#WTF Duane Euan Henderson is probably God’s gift to women… just sayin’

He’s a cutie-patootie in my book, and it’s not just the blue eyes and charming Scottish accent. He’s extremely positive, clearly loves people, and I highly recommend hanging out on his Facebook page for some hilarious videos. Click on the title to see the video, “For the Girls that are ‘Unladylike”” – one of my favorites. Although, the one on short women had me giggling and thinking about my nieces…

For your viewing pleasure: Duane Euan Henderson – Click on the orange title above to see the video.

For girls that are “unladylike”

Check out his Facebook page, or this video on it… You’ll seriously fall in love for this sweet guy. For anyone that didn’t get this text tonight … http://buff.ly/2cq0i0K

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