#WTF Wednesday – #Humpday Gift Ideas for the guy who has everything…

In the effort to sell more stuff, the “great ideas for him” messages pop up on my feed and some of the ideas are so WTF stupid, I’m not sure I want to know the dude that thinks this is the perfect gift.

Am I right?

If the hubs wanted a $15.00 triangle ice cube and special glass I’d probably grab him by the short hairs and smack him upside the head until some common sense reappeared. But, if your special someone is a whiskey aficionado and you feel the need to purchase said gift, head on over to The Grommet for The Whiskey Wedge.


I’d like to point out that Liev Schreiber, playing Ray Donovan, prefers his neat. No $15.00 triangle ice cube or special glass required. In fact, I’ve seen him drink straight from the bottle because he’s a GUY.

And the grooming stuff… The hubs gave up on shaving when beards came in fashion and he mows the scruff weekly, so yes, he has a beard trimmer thing. Now if I bought mustache wax? I’m pretty sure he’d make this face…

The thing is when looking for the perfect gift what we’re really trying to do is to let our someone special know that we thought about them, we love them, we appreciate them and we really like who they are. I’m not sure a triangle ice cube does that or some other unnecessary gadget that is easier to lose than use. What it says is, “I’m desperate to get you something and you’re really freaking hard to shop for, so I got this.” There’s a lot of obligation in that sentiment, and not the loving intention that started your search for perfection. And, if you’re like me and FIND the perfect gift and buy it immediately, like say in July, you can’t find the freaking thing in December. So, I tend to give the gift immediately. Except for you, Hannah. That perfect graduation gift is sitting on the top shelf of my closet waiting for you…

Every now and then I manage to strike gold and find the perfect thing – usually a joke gift, but that’s like one Christmas out of five, especially for my husband who hates gadgets, likes things simple, and buys what he needs. And unconditional love is hard to wrap.

Keeping it simple and within the budget, the hubs is getting pfeffernuse cookies and tv remote control privileges for the day. Oh, and TurboTax, because he likes that.

The man has decorated me in many jewels over the decades, but it’s his sense of humor and unconditional love that makes every day special. So, don’t feel the need to BUY something for those special people. Let’s make the Holidays special by telling people how we feel and making sweet memories.

Happy Humpday. What’s the most ridiculous ad you’ve seen this season? What’s your favorite gift you’ve ever received? One of mine was the “Best Roommate 2006-2007” trophy. And damn if I’m not trying to repeat those glory years to earn a new one;)


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